I will teach my daughter not to wear her skin like a drunken apology. I will tell her ‘make a home out of your body, live in yourself, do not let people turn you into a regret, do not justify yourself. If you are a disaster it is not forever, if you are a disaster you are the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen. Do not deconstruct from the inside out, you belong here, you belong here, not because you are lovely, but because you are more than that.’

~ Azra T  “Your hands are threads, your body is a canvas”

This is for my LGBT*QIA Brothers/Sisters of color who have ever felt alone in times of need and/or had moments wherein they questioned their struggle for social justice. Please know that you are NEVER alone, because I love you all and I appreciate your daily courage, strength and commitment to combat the socio-historical injustices within our societies.  

(via queerintersectional)